Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Heading West

So, we finally got everything in order to make the move.  We're heading to Eugene, Oregon.  Luckily we have our house under contract set to close October 3rd, so that's one less thing to worry about.

We decided to make the 1826 mile trip in three days stopping at a couple of my friend's houses (super lucky for us on so many levels!)
Here's what the plan looked like. 
From Manhattan, KS to Greeley, CO in one day.  This day wasn't so bad, and I got to eat at a great local restaurant I haven't been to in forever!  My super great friends Beth and Dave let us stay at their house.  Kinley had a great time playing with their precious daughter Olivia, and Kendall was thoroughly entertained chasing the dog, cat and little Josh.

Day 2 wasn't too bad either.  We headed up to Blackfoot, Idaho to see my awesome friend Jackie.  I have never been to Idaho, so that was an added bonus.  Its been so long since I've seen Jackie it was great to sit in her back yard eating burgers and watching my girls play with her do, and the baby pool.

Day 3 was the roughest on us.  It was by far the longest day, we were DONE being in the car, and truly there isn't much interesting to look at the entire way - until trees start showing up really close to Eugene.  Anyway, we went by a really cool volcano area (not sure what it was, have to look it up later), but in doing so we drove about 30mph for a really long time.  We finally made it to our rental house and were so excited to hop out of the car and be "home". 

Here's Kinley playing with her babies in the living room.

Kendall posing in the new house

So far so good...Our furniture arrived 2 days after us, and thankfully my mom and Michael came down to help with the girls and unpacking.  We did have a few damaged items,but nothing that was devastating - thank goodness!

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