Monday, July 25, 2011

Riley County Fair

The kids love going to the fair, even when its over 100.  Willie the Wildcat was there and all the kids got excited - until Kendall got too close.  The big kids with Willie after he signed their hands:)

Kinley really stepped in it:)

I think this is Kinley with her puppy - before it popped

As we were walking through the barns, we got to pet a little piglet that was less than 24 hours old.  So stinkin cute!

The girls petting a goat

BFFs deciding what to ride next

In the spinney bears.  They loved going round and round:)

Kendall and I riding the carousel - hard to get her to see Tom and wave at him as we were going by

Look Ma - no hands!

Kendall has a really good grip:)

Love this picture:)

We had such a great time at the fair - sweaty, but fun!  We loved spending time with BFFs and of course eating fair food, riding the rides and playing games.  Loved it!

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