Saturday, May 7, 2011

Big Baby's Homecoming

So, as promised, a couple weeks after we sent Big Baby to the hospital...she returned!  I've never seen Kinley so excited to open a box - not even at Christmas.
 She can hardley stand the wiat - look at her glowing face!
 There is a band-aid with the Americn Girl logo on the box.
 Big Baby came home with a hat and hospital gown on.  She had a little certificate that said she was good-to-go and that she needs lots of TLC.  So precious:)
This face really says it all.

Now, at the bottom of the box was an unexpected letter.  It had my original check stapled to it and basically said Big Baby's "eye injury" was not something that should have happend (not Kinley's fault), so they took care of the bill! I was floored - I mean you expect an expensive doll to be worth it, but this was great!

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