Saturday, April 30, 2011

Graduation and Glamour

So the day is almost here...Kinley is graduating Pre-k. Really what that means is she starts kindergarten in the fall!!! So, her school had a cute little program that included a couple songs and a slide show of the "graduates" showing their school picture (in cap and gown) and a baby picture. It was super cute. What really got me was when they announced this was the class of 2024 - YIKES - I hadn't even thought of that:)

Here is Kinley with her graduation hat on. Oh, at the end of the program the kids yelled HOORAY and threw their hats, only Kinley took her's off and held it. You could tell she didn't want to loose it:)

Singing during the program.

The 2 pre-k classes coming on stage

BFF graduates

A local beauty school had a day for little girls to get hair, make-up, crafts and walk the runway. It was a fund-raiser for a local group and Miss Teen Kansas was there too.

Kinley posing on the runway (you can't see here, but she barely made it down the runway - she has a bit of shyness right now)

Kinely and Bryleigh after picking out their head band and skirt and getting hair and make-up done.

The girls had a really good time. Kinely got all shy and wouldn't take a picture with Miss Teen Kansas and almost didn't make it down the runway, but it was fun, except when she didn't win a door prize and the BFF did. That's kinda hard to explain.

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