Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big Baby's Day Out

So, Kinley has had Big Baby since the Christmas before she was born. Big Baby has seen a lot and done a lot, and its taken a toll on her body. She now has a bit of an eye problem. Luckily for her, there is a great hospital up in Wisconsin where she can get it fixed. Kinley made the hard decision to send her for surgery a couple weeks ago. She'd been wanting her to get fixed, but didn't want to send her away - Kinley wanted to be with her.
So, the time has come to send Big Baby away, but first we had a fun night out with Big Baby and Kinley's best friend, Bryleigh.

Bryleigh, Kinley and Big Baby (sometimes known as Alexa)

Having dinner at Wendy's. Can you tell she has put a nugget and fry in front of Big Baby too?

We kept it a secret we were going to a movie until after dinner. Can you tell how excited they were to be seeing Hop!

Having some delicious refreshments during the previews - I wouldn't want to ruin the movie experience:)

Now that Big Baby and Kinley had a great time, we are ready to ship her off and get her eye fixed. We just hope she comes back with 20/20 vision:)


Kelly said...

I love that story!!! :)

Kelly said...

The anticipation is killing me. How's Big Baby doing?