Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dance Recital

This year we had Kinley in dance - technically pre-dance including ballet and tap.  She really loved going to dance each week and showing me and Kendall all the cool moves she learned.  So, this spring they really started practicing for the recital.  Kinley's class was dancing to a princess song and dressing as Cinderella.  They were going to share the stage with a younger class dressed as Ariel.  We could only peek through the window to watch them practice, but a couple times they invited the parents in to show us their progress. 
Let me start off by saying Kinley has been struggling with new/different situations.
The first day I got to watch Kinley dance, I was waiting for her in the lounge area as usual.  All these little girls come running out so excited dragging their parents back to the room.  Here comes Kinley, rounding the corner with a frown that quickly turns into tears.  I walk with her to the room and she literally blocks the door so I can't go in.  I finally shove her in and follow her to the back wall.  From here, she proceeds to cling to my leg crying saying she doesn't want "those people" ( the other parents) looking at her.  At this point the practice has started and I watch the rest of her class bounce around and smile and wave at their parents:(  The parents leave and class continues for a few more minutes.  On our way home, we talk about how Daddy and I just want to see what she's been learning, and that's what you do in dance...practice and show people.  Its a rough sale, but I let it go.
Needless to say, I was a bit worried when the big recital day drew closer.  She did let me watch practice one more time and seemed to do well at the dress rehearsal, but I wasn't counting on seeing her on stage.
I had to take Kinley early, completely ready, and leave her backstage with older girls watching the entire class of 15 princesses - good luck! 
 We couldn't take any pictures, and we were up in the balcony, so I'll just tell you Kinley did GREAT!  She was on the front row and was precious - I may be a little biased.  She definitely doesn't have a natural grace about her, but she does have great control of her body.

I hinted to Tom that he needed to have a little flower for Kinley after the recital.  Kinley's BFF Bryleigh and her mom came to watch - so sweet.  Tom let Bryleigh give Kinley the flower - unfortunately I missed the big hug right before this picture. I think this is where Bryleigh is telling Kinley she looks really pretty:)
 I think my little Cinderella is breathtaking!
 BFF support is the best:)
 Kendall LOVED watching all the dances and having a snack of goldfish.  She wasn't quite sure why Kinley was playing dress-up in public:)
 Like any job well done, we went to Wendy's after the recital for dinner with the BFF and finished it off with a frosty.  Can't tell you how proud I was that she went on stage, danced great and chilled backstage like a big girl!

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