Sunday, March 27, 2011

Messy March

Messy March was an event put on by Parents as Teachers in Manhattan. It had all kinds of sensory related, mostly texture, things to do. There was a whole area for little bitty kids, but Kendall wanted nothing to do with that.

Kinley had a great time. She loved this paper pit. It was encouraged to toss the paper, roll in it, whatever. As you can see, Kendall had a great time.

Kinley got to make a bird feeder with shortening and birdseed. She did a great job. We came home and tied it to a tree in the back yard.

Finger painting was another fun thing to do. I think Kendall was sleeping at this point, but I guarantee she would have hated it. She does not like to have anything on her hands - a bit prissy that way.

Kendall has always managed to fall asleep at the strangest places. Here was tons of fun stuff to play with, kids screaming and yet she zonked out. She must really need that beauty sleep - it seems to be working:)

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