Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Big 5

So, being that Kinley was turning 5, she had a plan for her birthday. K-State Cheerleader theme. Can you imagine how excited I was? Let's just say I had a hard time getting my head around this one. Anyway, I love birthdays and wanted this one to be the best she's ever had. No cheerleading birthday party would be complete without a cheerleading outfit, so I thought this would be something I could make. I probably could have (after many days and lots of tears), but luckily Jim's mom was coming to visit and she's an amazing seamstress! She was so patient with me "helping" and just whipped that thing together. She even put in an adjustable waistband on the skirt! It was perfect and Kinley LOVES strutting her stuff in it. Here are the girls all dressed up complete with pom-poms and tattoos (I know, we really like tattoos right now). Kendall got to dress up too. She really liked shaking the pom-poms. My birthday girl! I can't believe she's 5!! The kids had a great time and loved playing. Funny, the kids really liked a package of balloons I had left out. They must have blown up 15-20, popped some, tied some together, kicked, hit and just played with them all day. Best $1 I've spent in a long time:) Kinley's hunny, Jim, missed the party, but was back in time for Kinley's true birthday. He brought back with him this awesome cradle Jim's dad built and mom painted. We are not only lucky to have Jim live with us, but super lucky he as 4 nieces that his mom likes making things for and makes extra for my girls:) Kendall thought it was a perfect fit! The last 5 years have flown by! There really is no other way to say it. It was only a few days ago I was bringing Kinley home from the hospital; I blinked and now she's 5. She is smart, beautiful, funny (although not as funny as she thinks she is), an amazing big sister, a super help and so loving! I hope she continues to grow with those things in mind. I have loved the past 5 years and pray the next 5 are just as great.

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Melissa said...

Kim, as always I love the updates on your beautiful girls. And the new blog design is elegant. But there's one problem: the gray font on gray background is almost impossible to read on my screen. Would you consider changing it so either the type is darker or the background lighter? Middle-aged eyes would appreciate it! Muchas gracias.
Love, Lissa