Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Insect Zoo

Kinley's class had a field trip to an insect museum on the K-State campus. It was so cool! It was actually an arthropod museum, but no one would know what that was. (That's what the guide told us) They got to touch walking sticks, roaches, millipedes and tarantulas. So fun! I admit I only touched the tarantula, and that was for a nanosecond!
Outside of the building. Pretty neat, but kinda creepy up close. Those ants were HUGE.

Kendall liked these little bugs - that's my girl:)

Kinley's class in front of the bugs native to the area. Some were beautiful and some were down right scary! Kinley is back row, 3rd from the left.

Petting a walking stick that looked like green leaves.

Not touching the tarantula. It was surprisingly soft, almost like fur.

The millipede - gives me the willies!

Yep, those are some really big roaches! Gross!

Everyone had a great time. The kids seemed to really like the bees. They were inside because it is winter. They were going outside in the next few weeks. Not sure if they have a different place to keep them, or they are set free, but interesting.

There was a hallway-like area for the spiders. They keep it dark all the time for them and have a few flashlights out to look at them. Pretty much every creepy crawly thing you can think of was there. I think my favorite was the walking sticks, but the ones they got to pet weren't even from this continent, oh well. Too bad it wasn't the roaches:)

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