Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break in Texas

Being a Texas girl, I always want my girls to have bluebonnet pictures. I have a couple years of Kinley, and we were lucky enough to get down to Texas in March. The entire drive down, I didn't see ONE bluebonnet, so imagine my disappointment. I searched everytime we went out, but nothing. I went on a run one day and found one lonely plant. When I got home I loaded the girls up for a picture. I knew the spot wasn't ideal, so I brought towels for the girls to sit on.

Now, before I show you these, I have to say its so much harder to get 2 to smile, or even look at the camera, than one.

Here is the saddest bluebonnet you ever saw. Kinely was already complaining about something getting her leg. Kendall is precious!

Luckily for me, on the way back to the house I saw a few yards with bluebonnets landscaped in the flowerbeds. I boldly walked up to the front door to ask if I could take some pictures in thier flowers - I don't think that gets asked everyday. Anyway, here are the results:)

I really am the only one here, so I don't know who Kinley is looking at

This is a little better - right?

And...Kendall was done.

We stopped at my aunt's house on the way home. The kids LOVED the piano. None of them were even remotely close to making music, but they loved it the same. Kendall and Mason thought they were so cool up on the bench with Kinley and Ryan.

We had a big 1st in Texas...Kinley lost her 1st tooth!!

The funniest thing is when we were going to bed Kinley got all upset about the Tooth Fairy coming under her pillow. She tried to set it beside her bed, but that wasn't far enough away. I asked her if she was scared of the Tooth Fairy coming into her room, and she said yes. We ended up putting it on the dining room table for the Tooth Fairy to find. No problem there - she still got the cash!

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