Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kendall Everlyse

Its already been a year! I can't believe my little baby girl is officially a toddler:( I have to say this year was amazing. Kendall has been such a blessing and I can't imagine our lives with out her. We had Kinley by herself for more than 3.5 years, but it seems like Kendall has always been with us.

A couple quick fact about Kendall at one year old -
20 pounds
30 inches tall
walking all over the place and trying to run
saying Mama, Dad, puppy, baby, uppy and cracker
absolutely LOVES her sister
adores her Daddy - she gives him the cutest smiles and giggles when she sees him

So, on to the festivities. Kendall had a birthday that would make many of us envious...
The night before her birthday, we celebrated with family and friends. I made a party hat cake hoping Kendall would dig in, but, like Kinley, she just poked it a couple times and licked the frosting. Her favorite gift was the super soft little puppy. She kept hugging and kissing it and continually going back to give it more love.
Here's the birthday spread

This is as dirty as we could get her
Oh, the sweet puppy!

On Kendall's actual birthday (Nov. 4) we took a super early flight out to Vegas Baby (Kinley thinks this is the actual name of the city). We got to see many sights, play with cousins, go to Uncle Tom and Jim's drag races, and just enjoy being with each other.

Here we are in front of the fountains at Bellagio

They were on, but not by the time we got all 4 of us in the picture. You just have to imagine them.

After dinner - starting our night in Vegas Baby!
I think all the celebrating really took it out of Kendall
In front of the pirate ship at Treasure Island

Uncle Tom got a free picture with the parrot for having on a Hawaiian shirt. This was just seconds before Kinley freaked out because Tom got on his knee to be closer to Kinley and Layla. She says she was afraid the bird was going to eat her, but REALLY?

Layla and Kinley on the carousel

We took the girls to the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. They all loved seeing the creatures. I like the sea turtles the best, Kendall liked it all and Kinley liked the tiger fish, the sea turtles and when she could see the fish swimming under her feet.
Kendall, Kinley, Zoey and Bailey
We had some extra time, so I took the girls out to Hoover Dam. I've always wanted to go see this, so it was great for me. I will have to go back when the girls are older so we can go on one of the tours that goes inside and through some tunnels
Kinley was so good wanting to look over the edge, but when it came time to take a picture on the Nevada/Arizona state line, here's the result

You thought the first one was bad, right? I was so embarrassed! She threw one of her fits for no reason and this nice lady was trying to take a picture, oh man.

The drag races were really neat to watch, but I didn't have my camera. Not that I could have taken a picture fast enough. The girls got to play at a play place with a tire swing. I would spin Kinley and Layla fast and then stop them and put Kendall on to swing for a bit. She thought she was so big getting a turn on the big-girl swing. We got to meet the newest Pappas, precious Brylie. She is beautiful and has the best silky, shiny hair I have ever seen! Again no pictures; I guess I was too busy snuggling and chasing Kendall off the stairs.
We really had a great time and a well-needed break from Kansas. Thanks to all the family out there and we'll have to do it all again soon!

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