Thursday, January 6, 2011

Merry Late Christmas!

I know this is quite a bit late, but that's how life works for me sometimes. Just when I think I have everything lined up and under control, WHAM and I'm all out of whack. So, just rewind a few weeks and enjoy the Christmas season again:)

We started off all the December fun with the Lighted Christmas Parade in Manhattan. Since it wasn't very cold this year, Kinley got to ride on her preschool's float. She also got to have the class pet for the weekend, so he came along with us.

Kinley and Bryleigh posing beside the float before the parade.

Mr. Sean was driving the truck pulling the float, so Tom and Kendall got to have a comfortable ride. Kinley did great the whole time on the float. I was walking beside it, and she only got the scared face once when she couldn't find me, but all was good once I came into view.

Kendall had some alone time to chill before everyone got all loaded up. This is one of her many tricks with her binky.

Kinley had some friends over one day, so we decided to make gingerbread houses with them.
Kinley and Bryleigh working very hard on their masterpieces.

Here's the crew. Kinley, Kendall, Bryleigh and Paxton. They didn't even eat as much candy and frosting as you would think!

The finished products...
Kinley's, Paxton's and Bryleigh's

Since we were going to be in Oregon for Christmas, we decided to do our family Christmas early. Luckily Santa agreed to stop by early for the fam. I let Kinley know that I texted him and he said ok. She asked a few days later if that meant I had Santa's phone number. Haha, she's good! I said yes, and that meant I could let him know how she's behaving anytime:)
Kendall woke up first and truly surprised me. I took her out into the living room to snuggle by the tree lights. She just looked around for a while, but then she noticed the stockings were a bit stuffed. And the presents on the floor - what a good eye for a little one!

She couldn't stand it much longer, so we went and woke up Kinley (she loves her sleep!).

Kinley digging into her stocking.

Kendally got new a new binky in her stocking and a baby with stuff from Santa. Kinley helped cover her up, then Kendall shoved some bottle in her mouth - not the most gentle mom.

So, off to Oregon...
We had a great visit with only one big disappointment - no snow!
Oh well, there's always next year:)
For the first time in my life, as well as the girls, we went and found a Christmas tree and (watched) cut it down. I've always had artificial, and being a central Texas girl, not many opportunities to find a nice big natural tree.

Here's the family walking up a logging road looking for the perfect tree. Kinley is in the middle of the picture with the purple coat on.

The family picture! Kendall did have on cute snowflake tights, but there was an accident early on, so you get the beautiful bare baby legs.

Kinley hopped up on Santa's lap and told him she wanted a pair of roller skates. No idea where this came from, but on that day that's what she thought. (note Kinley's cute tights that Kendall's would have matched)

Kendall got a super soft bunny and coordinating baby blanket she thought was the best!

Grandma had this gate at the top of the stairs to keep the dogs down and Kendall up. Knowing Kendall's love for animals, she spent lots of time here reaching through petting Duke. By the last day or so, she resorted to this.

Grandma had made some sugar cookies and let the kiddos decorate them. It was a mess, lots of finger licking and tons of fun!

One of Tom's cousins has moved to the big house right next to Grandma's, and she and her girls have a horse and a pony. They were sweet enough to let Kinley and Kendall have a ride. Kinley tried to brush one, but that didn't last very long.

Big girl Kendall!

Kinley so excited to ride "by herself"
We really had a wonderful time. We always love seeing the family and letting the girls play with all their cousins and second cousins and anyone else that walks through the doors.

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