Saturday, October 23, 2010

What a Week!

Just a quick update of this last week.

Last Saturday I ran the Kansas City half marathon. My goal was to run the entire time without stopping or walking. Most everyone knows - I don't do distance, so this was a HUGE accomplishment for me. Thanks to a couple ladies who convinced me to run and drug me along on the still-dark Saturday long runs.

Here I am with about 300 meters to go. I was definitely ready to be finished!

Kinley told me good job and Kendall actually stayed awake until I ran by and then she dozed off:)

We made it! After we finished and before we could feel our legs.
Oh, I did accomplish my walking or stopping and in 2 hours and 4 minutes!

Kinley was supposed to have a field trip to Ft. Riley on Wednesday, but the soldiers got orders to deploy and had to pack up, so 3 soldiers (from the Army Mom!) came and talked to them at school. Thursday was supposed to be wear black (the color of the month), but I completely spaced it until I went to drop her off and she looks really obvious wearing a purple dress with pink tights - oops! I tell you what, I've been racking up the mother of the year points lately.
For the past few years we've taken Kinley to the zoo in Manhattan the weekend before Halloween for their Spooktakular celebration. Kids can dress up and trick-or-treat throughout the zoo at local business booths and get to see the animals all at once. Kinley loves any excuse to dress up, and I figure we should get as much use out of the costumes as we can.
Here they are...Rainbow Sparkle Flowers (Kinley's idea - could you tell?)

Kinley at the zoo. I didn't factor in the wind when I made the head band - oops!
Kendall loves animals. Any kind. This was the most excited she got the entire day. You want to know what amazing animal she's loving?
A goat! The little goats that are in the feeding area (don't have a petting area any more).
So, that about sums it up for us this past week. Hope everyone had as much fun as we did!
Oh, guess what Kendall can do:)

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Melissa said...

Wow, congrats on that race and making your goal! Makes the 800 look like nuthin', eh? The girls are darling as usual. And the little K is walking - look out world!
Luv, Lissa