Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Cousins

My little sister came up with her two boys to visit this weekend. Kinley and Ryan had a blast! Kendall had fun taking Mason's binky and patting his head, but I don't know how much fun he had. Anyway, we took the kiddos out to the pumpkin patch and here's what we did...

Ryan(6) and Kinley(4) in the hay castle. Their cheeks are pink 'cause it was pretty warm.

Kinley, Kendall(11mo), Mason(7mo) and Ryan in the pool of corn. The older kids LOVED this, not sure why, but Kendall hated it and Mason was impartial.

Me and my girls on the hayrack ride (think it was a bit sunny for Kendall)

Shannon and her boys on the hayrack ride

Are they not the most precious cousins?

We had a great visit! Whenever anyone comes to visit, it makes it that much more hard when they leave. We love seeing everyone and so wished we were all closer.
P.S. Mason had a check-up today and I'm pretty sure he weighs more than my lanky Kendall. If she doesn't get with it, she won't be able to turn her car seat around on her birthday!

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