Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Colorado and Tennessee

After returning from California and Oregon, the girls and I drove out to Colorado. I got to see some amazing friends from the college days and watch a great alumni volleyball game.
The girls reading some books together in the hotel room.

Here are my beautiful girls in the gym I played in during college. It was strange going back after so many years and seeing how young the college players look - I know that just makes me sound even older:(

After about a week of settling in at home, we headed out again to Tennessee. Tom left a few days before us in his car. He had a doctor's appointment early and didn't know how long he needed to stay down there. The girls and I flew down on Sept 1. Tom was supposed to have surgery that day (which was a blessing he didn't) but the doctor got sick. His surgery was postponed about 10 days which left plenty of fun time for the family.

The main reason we headed back to Knoxville was to get Kendall baptized in our old church. We just really like the way it is done there felt that was the right thing to do.

Here is Kendall after she was baptized looking at Pastor John Wood before her showed her to the congregation.

After church a few friends met us for brunch and here is our family picture. They keep getting harder and harder to get everyone smiling and looking at the camera!

The fun really began after church for the girls. We went out to our dear friend's parent's house where they have Sunday lunch. It is always so much fun for the adults to catch up, and even more for the kiddos to run wild.

So, there was a huge rope swing that went super high and crossed over a creek that was about a 12 foot drop. Of course Tom took Kinley out there - thank goodness I didn't go the first time. The stories coming back included this - Kinley didn't get her bottom on the seat and was just hanging on with her hands one time, and as Kinley was trying to jump off the swing, she didn't let go of the rope and almost got dragged down the drop. I'm sure there were more, but by this time I was completely freaked out and thanking the Lord my baby made it back to the house.

Needless to say, after lunch we all trekked out there and gave it a go. I went and I have to say the initial jumping point was thrilling! My friend Christy went too and squealed much less than I anticipated ( I was really proud of her!). Kinley went a few more time and I tried to catch them as best I could.

Here's Kinley jumping off the platform to take off

Here she is mid-swing, just this side of the creek drop-off

You had to know this was coming...Tom decided Kendall needed to go as well.

The funny part, besides me freaking out, was Kendall buried her head and had a death grip on Tom when they first took off. By the 3rd swing she was trying to grab the rope.

After all that excitement, the kids needed a ride back to the house with a loop around the property for good measure.

What could top off such a great day?

This was in the middle of the show with big fireworks and little shooters going off from the bridge

Boomsday is a Labor Day celebration in Knoxville with fireworks choreographed to music - I love it! Tom, as usual, hates the crowds.

We had such an amazing time! We are truly blessed with such a wonderful family and great friends!

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Melissa said...

Y'all have way too much fun for one family! Love ya, Lissa