Wednesday, September 15, 2010

California and Oregon

Our adventures just continue!
We took a trip out to Chico, CA and met up with some friends. Auntie Em came down with her kids to watch our girls for us. I think all the kids had a blast just staying in a hotel since it had a great pool. You know, the most important thing about any hotel:)

Here's Kendall enjoying the atmosphere at a In-N-Out Burger. Well, maybe she had a french fry.

Kinley, Paige and Matt with feet on both beds. And yes, Kinley is "texting"

It worked out perfect after our time in Chico, that Tom's friend, Nick, was getting married hte next weekend. So, we got in lots of family and cousin time.

One day, I went over to Sarah's house to run and let our kiddos play. Her sister Liz came over with her kids, so at one point there were 3 adults and 8 kids - we loved every minute of it!
Joe, Audrey, Kinley, Isabelle, Abby, Kendall and Jed (Clockwise)

We also got to play in Tom and Bonnie's pool.
Kendall and Daddy loved floating around, but really Kendall liked the plastic baby pool best.

I'm not sure what happend with Kinley this summer. One day she's crying and all scared, and the next she's swimming and jumping off the side and doing flips. Crazy!
Here's the big girl jumping off the waterfall (minus water)

Everyday Grandma goes and feeds the deer. She let the grandkids help when they were there, so here they are putting food in all the usual spots.

The girls get together every so often, and they have been doing projects around the property to help instill hard work into the kids. This Friday, we were cleaning off the driveway. Obviously, the kids helped, but it didn't last all that long, and ironically, the girls were much better workers than most of the boys.
Kendall helping me shovel. She was a BIG help:)
Finally, the beautiful wedding we went to. It was great. All the family was there, the weather was perfect, and Sarah got a great picture of me and the hubby - not an easy task.

Kendall wasn't being cooperative. She thought the hay was much more interesting than smiling for me.
We had so much fun visiting family and spending precious time with them. Can't wait to go back for more fun!


Melissa said...

Your girls will be famous world travelers, whatever else they turn out to be. Such wonderful pics and memories.

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing those pics Kim! What fun memories! We miss you guys and we can't wait to see you again. I still can't believe Kinley jumped off that waterfall - I FINALLY got up the nerve to try it a few weeks ago. She's so brave! We love seeing your family - what a great blog!
Say hi to everyone for us
Love Sarah