Friday, July 16, 2010

Always playing catch-up

Where to begin...
So, the end of June always brings around the US Championships. This year they happened to be in Des Moines and only 5 hours from home. Tom has, once again, been battling plantar fasciitis. Most of the previous 3 months he only lifted and did cross training. He toyed with the idea of competing, ok, it was mostly me "reminding" him that we can get great health insurance when/if he finishes in the top 2. About 2 weeks before the meet he started doing a little technical work and got in a total of 1 running workout. Now with only a week to go, he was still unsure of competing...we were going out there, but not sure about stepping on the track. End of a long story, he lined up and just fell short of his 6th national title. 2nd place isn't bad at all with no training! (And of course I'm ecstatic we get health insurance:)

This is Tom in the 100, I think, although it could be the hurdles.

From Iowa we drove up to Wisconsin to visit with the amazing Draeger family. Tom got in some much needed treatment on his whole body as well as his foot, I got a few minutes alone while the girls played with Danae, and most importantly, we needed a break!

One day in Antigo, I took the girls to the museum with this huge train out front. I was hoping you could climb on and explore, but not so much.
They look so tiny!

We went to Doc's brother's place one day and had a blast! Kinley got to ride the jet ski for the first time and loved it! We played in the lake, ate great burgers, Kinley played some piano, Tom went tubing till he couldn't hold on any more and we went to a water ski show - so cool!

On the 4th we went to some friends of the Draegers for more lake action, but the weather wasn't cooperating. It was sprinkly most of the day and poured at other times. We still had a good time, but the firework show was cancelled:( (fireworks are my favorite!)

We found out on this trip that Kendall LOVES animals. I've honestly never seen anything like this. In Iowa, the family we stayed with had an amazing dog named Bear. He was so great and just let Kendall love him all over.

When we got up to Wisconsin, Kendall was so excited to see the Draeger's also had a dog. They have a minpin. Unfortunately, Zeke isn't so loving as Bear. Kendall had a little run-in with Zeke one night. He scratched her eyelid, under her eye and her lip. Luckily for us she closed her eye quick!

Believe it or not, after this she still wanted to play with Zeke!

So, out to the horses we go. Kendall was super excited to see them and watch Kinley ride. We sat her up on Syce, but she more wanted to be where she could see and touch the horse.

Every time we went outside, Kendall looked all over for the horses. She would practically jump from my arms if she saw them. One night she kept looking over my shoulder and "talking" while I was sitting on the couch. Finally I looked back and there sat Clyde the stuffed horse. She sat on him bouncing up and down and then would lean over and give him big hugs and kisses. Crazy love for horses!
The house we visited on the 4th had a great golden-doodle. She would let Kendall pat her as she walked by and finally laid down so Kendall could love her properly. The absolute joy on Kendall's face while she was loving the puppy was priceless! She was literally glowing!
The girls were precious on the 4th!
(I know I always think so, but truly they are adorable)

To round out this long story, we had an amazing time! We are so blessed to have friends that take care of us, love us and want to spend time with our crazy family. Thanks!

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