Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day!!

Just wanted give a happy Father's Day to my wonderful hubby! Kinley and Kendall both love and adore him more than I could have ever imagined. I hope Tom enjoyed his day - I think he did.
Tom with this girls (you can't tell, but both girls have on Daddy's Day T-shirts)
Kinley was super cute this year. She told me a couple days ago she wanted to get Dad some flowers. So, this morning when we were making him breakfast, I let her go outside and pick a few to fill a cup. Luckily, she did great and got a bunch of little daisies.
So, later on in the day, she made him "cookies" and brought it out to him on this "tray" - she truly is precious:)
On a side note...We went to church this morning and it was fine, but I was a bit confused. Last month on Mother's Day, all the moms got neat little pen and bookmark sets, and the wives and moms of soldiers each got roses. I thought this was such a nice gesture, but today was completely different. The pastor only mentioned Father's Day once, and they got nothing! I mean, they could have got a nice pen and bookmark set, too. Maybe, since they are mostly men, they know that men don't really care that much about this stuff as women. I don't know, I just thought it was strange.
Kendall's first Father's Day!

Anyway, Happy Father's Day to all those great Dads out there!!

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