Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kendall's Loose!

Its official...Kendall is on the move!! It took her a lot longer than Kinley, but she's crawling. Its funny, she has done things in a different order than Kinley did. Kinley crawled early, but took a while to roll over both ways and get from the crawling position back to sitting up. Kendall could do everything but actually make the move, until now.

Kendall finally started putting a couple little scoots together on Thursday, but this is the first time she actually went for it across the room. Some people say its better when they aren't mobile, but I love that she can come to me now. I don't have to stop and go to her. I wish I caught her beautiful smile when Kinley and I were telling her how awesome she was. She was so proud of herself, and rightfully so!

And yes, if you have the volume on you hear a track meet on TV - surprise!

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