Saturday, March 13, 2010

The circus, a road trip and a meet in Indiana

Last week Kinley's school was studying the circus. They could dress up like a circus animal or performer for the last 15 minutes of school on Thursday. After much deliberation, she decided to be the elusive black tiger. I know, sounds pretty rare. Anyway, Kendall and I showed up for the circus at school and were amazed at all the talent. There was a Japanese acrobat, a man-eating chicken, wild animals, trapeze artists, lion tamers, plate spinners and a bunch of darling smiling faces.

Kinley being a ferocious black tiger with her teacher, Mrs. Rebekah

Kinley and Tristen hiding when they got announced. (she only likes attention on her terms) The funniest thing was right after this pictures they fell through the door - I laughed pretty hard!

My beautiful black tiger

After the amazing circus, we went back home and packed up for a road trip to Bloomington, Indiana for the US Indoor Combined Event Championships.
We drove 3 hours Thursday night and stayed with Kip and Teresa. Both the girls loved getting snuggles from Ms. Teresa!
Friday we got up and drove about 7 hours up to Bloomington. In typical Pappas fashion, the trip had to have a glitch. A mile from our hotel Tom ran over something in the road and popped the tire (I know this sounds so familiar).

Just the facts...
Didn't read the instructions. Got the tire off. Jack collapsed. AAA came and got the tire back on. Had an awful rubbing/screeching sound from the tire. Found Pep Boys open on Sunday. Dropped off the car. Left my cell phone in the car. Went to the meet. Luckily only a dust shield bent and was easily bent back in place for a complete fix.

The girls in our hotel room while the guys were trying to change the tire.

Kinley helping Daddy get all the sand off during long jump. Can you imagine having your own duster-offer? Must be nice!

Tom had a pretty solid meet considering the circumstances. He has had a back issue for a couple weeks now. It mostly bothers him to really round out his back like landing in the long jump and especially high jump. He finished up 2nd by 16 points. And determined to get some treatment on his back.
On a nice note, our trip home was completely uneventful!


Kelly said...

Oh what an adventure you are living! Enjoy every moment! Miss you lots!

Anonymous said...

What a cute tiger you have :) I can't believe you guys got another flat tire... What are the odds?? Love seeing pics of your family. So cute. Miss you guys.


Tom, Kim, Kinley & Kendall said...

Apparently in our family the odds are really high. Don't know if you heard about my flat tire a bit ago. Went flat by itself after I had the tires rotated. Think there was a crack in the wheel from when I slid off the road last December. We just aren't good with tires!