Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crazy Busy March

March has only gotten more and more crazy! We started the month coming home from Knoxville, had a great circus experience, went to Indiana for Tom's meet and that was all in the first week! So, here I am playing catch up once again...

The day after we returned from our long road trip was Kinley's 4th birthday. I really can't believe its been four years already. Let me share a few thing about Kinley that I absolutely love. She is an incredibly loving child. She always hugs and kisses me, Tom and Kendall. At least once a day, more if she'd in trouble, she tells me she loves me. She can make Kendall smile and laugh at any time. She loves to learn, but gets frustrated if she doesn't "get it" quickly. The best thing lately is this.

"Mom, I'm going to beat you." I say, "Kinley, we don't race eating dinner."

"OK Mom so we'll just see who wins."

Anyway, we had a few of our friends over for hot dogs and cake on Kinley's birthday. She got to pick dinner since it was her birthday, so hot dogs it was.

Kinley is puffing up her cheeks to blow out all those candles around her barbie cake.

She ripped through wrapping paper like it was a race (surprised?). What she really wanted was more boy barbies and 3 wedding dresses so they could all get married. We've had many talks lately that only boys and girls get married. Luckily, she got the boy barbies, but wedding dresses are hard to come by. She got a new "hip" barbie car they go cruising in too, or maybe they go on dates. I should probably pay more attention to the barbie world.

So, Manhattan is parade happy. They have parades for all kinds of random holidays. These wouldn't be so bad, but I have yet to go to one when its above 40 degrees!

Here we are at the St. Patrick's Day parade (on the 13th). This is getting difficult to explain to Kinley when things aren't celebrated on the proper day.

The girls on the real St. Patrick's Day

Sometime in the last week or so Kendall found her toes. She hasn't put them in her mouth yet, but I know that will come shortly:)

Last Tuesday Kinley's school had a field trip to the Lazy T Ranch. The ranch is over 150 years old and a few of the buildings are registered historic landmarks.

Kinley and Bryleigh hanging out watching the llamas

Kendall got to pet the super friendly barn cats

Kinley fed this calf. Something was wrong with its mom's udder, I think.

We took a hayride around the property. On the way up to the highest point, the tractor got stuck in the mud. We had to get out and walk the rest of the way while Farmer Ron got it out and brought it up to us. (Since Kinley is such a Dora fan, this was a mucky mud puddle)

Here's Kinley's class

Mrs. Heather, Kinley, Evie, Brady, Tristen, Mrs. Rebekah

Ben, Bryleigh and Cadence

We realized that Tom will be out of town for Easter, so we celebrated a little early. The girls really loved dying eggs and loading up the plastic ones with candy.

Just checking to make sure its a good one

Typical Kinley, as soon as we put the eggs in, she wanted to check and see how they were doing

Guess what Kinley got from the Easter Bunny?

Kendall wanted to find eggs all by herself

My two beautiful girls!

Oh, one last thing.
Kinley came out of her room after we went to the parade.

"Jimbo, guess what's behind my back."

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Melissa said...

Adorable, as always! Happy Easter (again, in your case) to all. Love, Grandlis