Sunday, February 7, 2010

Road Trip

A couple Thursdays ago, Kendall and I picked Kinley up from school and started driving to Texas. Unfortunately, this is exactly when an ice storm hit Oklahoma. We made it about 30 miles outside Oklahoma City when I lost control of the car and ended up backwards in the median ditch. Thank God there was no one on my side of the highway, the cars on the other side were very far away and our car wasn't damaged at all. After I started breathing again, I put the car in 4 wheel drive and drove right out of the ditch. By the time I got to Oklahoma City, I couldn't feel my hands from gripping the steering wheel so hard, and there was no way we could have driven any farther.
We stopped at the first descent hotel and got a room. After some phone calls, crying and more drama, I booked a flight for Friday night down to Austin and was going to bed to see how the roads were in the morning.
We woke up around 9 without electricity. I kept checking in with my sister for the roads and the airport. Around 1 we decided to start driving - good thing since the airport was staying closed until Saturday sometime.
We started driving 40mph and made it home in a "short" 7 hours.

So, the reason we went down was mainly because my sister directs the musical at the high school. This year they did Cinderella. They had a matinee show on Saturday where they invited all the kids to dress up and join in a parade across the stage. Kinley was so excited about this and took a long time to understand that she wasn't going to be in the show - just watch.

Here are all the princesses. My mom, Kendall, Lori, Holly, Leah, Emma and Kinley

Can't forget the handsome prince Ryan
Kinley and Kendall watching the show.
Ok, so Kinley lost interest about half way through, and Kendall slept the first half. Funny thing...when the prince was looking for a maiden to fit the shoe, he came out into the audience and looked around. He was going to try it on Kendall, but the steward said, "Too young, don't you think?"
We had a really great time and the show was great!
On Sunday we had a baby shower for my little sister. She's due on March 13th with her second son. No word on his name yet, but I have faith they will figure something out. My older sister and I keep suggesting names for her, but I guess she doesn't take them too seriously? Probably a good thing. (I keep sending her names to make her smile, and my older sister keeps suggesting names that will spell POO with his initials)
Shannon with a cute onesie she got at her shower.
After our horrendous drive down to Texas, I really wasn't looking forward to driving back. We started back on Tuesday morning after a short visit with a friend. The roads were clear and the girls were great. I think I had to stop more to pee than Kinley did. We had a total travel time of 11.5 hours. Not too bad with an estimated drive time of 10 hours. We were about 3o minutes from home when Kinley told me she never wanted to drive to Texas again, only fly.
This past Thursday Kendall turned 3 months old!
Here was one of her pictures...

And this is when she was done being cute.
I can almost hear her saying, "Enough Mom!"

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