Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun With the Girls

Even though it was a good two weeks before it got above freezing, we've been having lots of fun. About a week ago Kendall accidentally rolled over after I changed her diaper. She was loving her tummy time, her head got a bit heavy and went to the side and then she wiggled and got her hips over. I, of course, was super proud of her. She's done it a few more times since then, but I don't think its on purpose yet - just a talent.

Kendall playing... (like the hairline?)

Whoop - there she goes. She wasn't thrilled I was taking pictures instead of picking her up:)

Well, once it got up around 25 outside, Kinley came out with me while I tried to shovel some of our frozen driveway. She has been begging to throw snowballs, but unfortunately the snow was way too dry. So, she made a snow angel!
Then I had to make one with her.
I did tackle her a few times, and once the snow got on her face she decided the dress and tights were too cold. Go figure.
I always think the snow is so beautiful, but I'd like it to go away now. With track season starting, I'm ready for spring and warm weather!

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