Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast

Today was Kinley's preschool's Thanksgiving Feast. I knew we were going to have stone soup for lunch, but there was a whole program that went with everything. The program was cute, the decorations that the kids made were priceless, and the desserts were yummy!

The classes marched in wearing some great costumes. Kinley was the cute kid that saw me, pointed and yelled, "Mama!" Her performance was fairly good, but I'm most proud of the way she acted while the other classes were doing their thing - standing still being a big girl!

This is when she was saying "Mama" and pointing and looking super cute.

Here is part of her class as they were lined up getting ready to sing for us.

After they sang, they held hands while the other classes performed. Of course it was only calm and still for a couple minutes.

This video is the first of three songs they did. Kinley cracks me up with her checking out the crowd. She obviously knows the words, but she's looking at her adoring fans.

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