Thursday, June 4, 2009

West Texas Trip

Just a warning...this is a really long post!

Kinley and I went down to Texas for my cousin's graduation. We had such a great time seeing all my family and exploring Big Bend. Of course, my nieces needed some clarification between Big Bend (a national park in Texas) and Big Ben (The clock tower in London). One little letter can make a world of difference. Kinley kept asking where was Big Bend, even when we were driving through the park. I kinda think she was lookign for a great big play place.


Almost the whole family - just missing 3 adults and 2 kidos

Opa & GrandLis with thier granddaughters

Lots of fun things to do around the house before we went to the graduation. I can't remember if they were in a boat or a car, but it sure did fall over a lot.

Jessica Nicole Rush...we are all so proud of you!!

All that playtime at the house made the 3 little ones a bit tired.


This is Santa Elena Canyon. The Rio Grande divided this rock. Its 1500 feet to the top and 2.5 miles long. On the left of the picture is Mexico and the right is Texas.

Big Bend was amazing! I have certainly never seen anything like it in the rest of Texas. The mountains at plants were all so different from anywhere I've traveled before. Its hard to believe that this far west is a desert, and if you go to the other side of the state its so lush and humid. We didn't get to get out and hike or anything because the one trail we had picked out was flooded at the entrance, but we did get to take a back unpaved road. The girls thought it was fun bouncing in the back of the car.

Ft. Davis considered a frontier military post. It was in use from 1854-1891. Many of the buildings are still there as well as the foundation from almost every building ever to be on the post. The troop spent much of thier time fighting different Indian tribes that attacked travelers and mail stations. I guess the lucky thing is the fort itself was never attacked.

Kinley looking at one of the cannons in the armory. We actually got to go into the elisted men's barracks. Usually you just look through a doorway, but there was a class or something that was being led through and they said we could go with them - nothing like the way I would like to live.


I'll share these pictures later.
We met at the apartments my little sister manages to play and have some lunch. The kiddos had a great time! The adults loved the sun and seeing the kids enjoying themselves.
My mom has always taken the kids to the feed store in Georgetown to look at all the baby animals. Sometimes they have lots, and this day we were lucky! Chicks (lots of different kinds), ducks, rabbits, turkeys, and even a guiney pig (don't know if I spelled that right).

Also, a little extra info...
Kinley will be getting a baby sister in November!


Kelly, Tyler and Ryan said...

Congratulations! :-)

Kim said...

OMG! I have fallen behind on your blog and am just now seeing this. Congratulations on your pregnancy and that you're going to have another little girl!! Michael and I are so happy for you, Tom, and Kinley.