Sunday, June 21, 2009

Too Hot!

Kinley has been asking us for a few days to go swimming. We have had every intention to take her, but it just hasn't worked out. A few days its been because of the weather, and today Tom has a couple recruits he has to meet with, but such is life.

Our compromise on the situation was to play in the hose. Kinley LOVES to go "hose the water" with Tom, so this was great!

Just the beginning...

Honestly, I think this shot is funny because the lens on the camera fogged up from the humidity.

She wanted to do it "my own self"

You can just barely see the shadow of a car coming from behind the tree that she was aiming at

Its so much fun to see her play and truly enjoy playing with us. Can't wait until she can play with her little sister:)

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