Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lucky Girl

Yesterday morning we had planned to go on a walk around the city park, let Kinley play on the new play place, eat our picnic lunch at the track, watch Tom high jump and throw javelin, and then all go to the pool.

We started off great, got 2 laps around the park (lots of sweating included) and then headed to the the bathrooms. When we walked out, we noticed lots of kids and parents around the new sprinkler park with swimsuits on. Luckily Kinley's suit was in the car, so after a quick change and a big smile from both of us (mine for finding I had the camera and Kinley because of any reason to wear a swim suit) we headed back to the new park. We sat down in the shade, applied sunscreen and learned the water was turning on in 5 minutes - so lucky!

Here is the beginning of the adventure...not quite sure what to think of everything yet (much like her daddy).

Oh, maybe this could be fun!

Getting more and more brave every minute

Lovin' the water!

Finally got the water cannon figured out and immediately tried to shoot people. I have to say, she got nailed in the face a few time earlier, so I was glad to see her get some revenge.
Kinley had a blast and of course didn't want to leave for the track, but like I said...we had things to do yesterday. Randomly one of the designers for the park sat by me and stared telling me about the whole thing. Pretty interesting - sometimes more than I needed to know, but great plans and still planning more improvements to all the parks in town.
We made it to the track, had lunch, watched high jump and then Kinley watched javelin from her new personal pool - the ice tubs outside in the hot, hot sun:)

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