Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Outdoor Stuff

Sometime last week Jim came home from work and found Kinley and I in the backyard. He said he found a frog in the garage and brought it out to us. Kinley was all good with frogs until this experience. She would look at him and talk about him, but no touching. Finally we coaxed her into petting him just a little. Of course, the frog chose this time to take his first big jump. Kinley let out the girliest, high-pitched squeal. So funny - for me! She came running and didn't want much to do with him after that. Luckily, she's gotten over most of the "fear". She will go in the backyard and come back and tell me the frog must be hiding because she doesn't see him. is the little guy.

After Kinley and I took our recycling in one day, we came home and washed out the tubs. This was the highlight for Kinley. She loves the water!

Yes, that is her bathing suit top with her panties. I know, great outfit, but just be happy you're not seeing more flesh. We're working of modesty.

So, my mom came up to visit back in March, and we worked in the yard. She brought up some iris and day lilies, and we found a ridiculous amount of gladiolas in the back. We got some beds fixed and we've been waiting for the blooms. We have had 2 dark plum iris blooms so far, and some more surprises. We had great tulips by our mailbox, and these beautiful peonies (we think) we didn't even know were there! We have a total of 5 plant and so far have 3 different shades of pink.

On the side of our house there was this little bed with a couple rose bushes and a small windmill-looking thing. Well, a couple weeks ago it disappeared under this vine, and today we found 4 of these purple flowers! Its great to get beautiful surprises, especially when I didn't even know there was anything alive.

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