Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Friends

I know my whole life I have heard of people having imaginary friends, but never thought much about it. Probably if I had one my sister would have made it go away or made fun of me so much I wouldn't mention it again. Anyway, Kinley has started playing with a couple. There is Elizabeth, Swiper and sometimes Sheena. I can understand where the first 2 come from...Elizabeth is her middle name and it took her a long time to not say "little bit" and of course Swiper from Dora. Who knows where she found Sheena.

Just yesterday we were at the indoor track and Kinley wanted me to time her. This is new fun for her. She ran a whole lap (200m)! I was super impressed she didn't stop or take a short-cut. Of course just like Tom and me, as soon as she finishes, she asks what her time was. Anyway, after her turn, I was talking with Tom and I here Kinley yelling, "Come on Swiper!" I asked what she was doing and she told me Swiper was running and she was timing him. Its like this a lot. She will have picnics with them, or let them have turns drawing, but she only dances with Swiper while she's watching Dancing With the Stars. She really cracks me up!

This was only moments ago. She likes to dress up will ALL her stuff, then slowly sheds until she just has on a skirt and shoes. She's also been into her swimsuits, so her "bathing suit bra" gets worn a lot now, too. (the bathing suit is around her neck and on both arms)

Just a shot from Easter of our little family.


Sarah Kelly said...

What a great picture! You guys look fantastic. Hope everything is going well. We miss you here in Texas. Joseph wants to say hi to Kinley

Lissa said...

I think imaginary friends are mostly a first/only child phenomenon. Before my middle brother was born, when I was 2-3 years old, I had a a few imaginary friends, one of whom was named Mrs. Whitey. Soon after brother Greg was born, my mother realized I hadn't mentioned Mrs. Whitey for awhile, so she asked me. I told her, very matter-of-factly, that Mrs. Whitey had gone down the bathtub drain. And that was the end of Mrs. Whitey and the others.