Saturday, April 11, 2009

Church Egg Hunt

Our church had an Easter egg hunt, lessons and crafts today, so we thought we'd go join the fun. We showed up at the elementary school down the road from the church for the hunt. We got there a little early, so Kinley had to restrain herself for a while. When we walked up, there were eggs all over the ground. It was pretty hilarious watching all the kids just staring at the eggs and continually asking if it was time yet.

Here Kinley is waiting and waiting and waiting.

Once they said go, I pointed Kinley to an empty end of the play ground, and off she went!

Daddy showed her where some eggs were by the play stuff. She thought it was all so cool and loved to see the other kids pick up eggs too.

Here is the goofy smile showing us all her eggs.

After the egg hunt, we went back up to the church for a little lesson, games and crafts. Kinley made this cross. The only thing I did was hold the glue dots and put her initials on.

Right before it was time to go, the kids got to go pet some baby chicks. Kinley was so gentle petting the little black one. She asked me if she could hold a little yellow one, but more kids started coming, so I told her that wasn't the best idea. And yes, we used lots of sanitizer right after this picture!

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Anjie said...

Looks like fun. I cannot wait until Emma will enjoy hunting for eggs! Hope all is well!