Sunday, August 10, 2008

Riley County Fair

Before Tom left for Beijing and Kinley and I left for Texas, we went with some friends to the fair. Actually, we went twice. The first night Kinley saw the ponies and wanted to ride. We, of course, said yes. Well, after we got her on the horse, she lost it. We had to take her off and watch the other kids. When they stopped she decided she could ride the littlest pony. When we got her on this time, she was all smiles and even reached up to pet the mane. Wouldn't you know we didn't have our camera with us. When the "carnie" went to unbuckle her, she cried. I had to go get her and she was crying telling me she wasn't done yet! What a difference 2 minutes makes.

Okay, so the second trip all Kinley could talk about was the ponies. We went straight over to them and paid. Here's what the ride looked like...

Not even Daddy could make it better.

So, after that disappointment, we went over to the game area where Tom won a total of 3 goofy hats. That's right, 3. One of Tom's unknown talents is throwing a softball into an old milk jug. He's won two of my nieces stuffed unicorns at Dollywood, these 3 hats, and who knows how much other stuff before I started keeping track.

Kinley did like riding the little octopus.
She's looking at her Daddy here. I wasn't good enough to catch her pageant wave.

I think Tom and Kinley both really liked the huge slide, but not so sure Tom like taking Kinley and the mat up all the stairs.
Kinley and I rode the carousel. She picked out this cat to ride all by herself. Not that she would have it any other way.
As you can tell, Kinley had a great time. We all had a really good time. Obviously, since we went twice. Not that there was a whole lot else going on in Manhattan.

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