Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Golf Buddies

Tom's dream of taking his kids to the golf course is comming true!

We went with a few friends to a little golf course in town. Kinley decided she needed to take this little putter and blue ball from the putt-putt place.

She would wait her turn then tee off from the markers, and then when we walked down to the green, she would wait again and take her turn putting.

This is the feel of winning. She made her putt and then fell down smiling. We don't know where she got this - definitely not Tom - but it sure is cute!

Don't worry, I know my place on the golf course.

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Anonymous said...

It looks as though you may have another golfer in the family... Hope all is going well. Great to see all of you guys in the new pics. See you soon.
Nick & Lotsie