Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lots of Updates

Most of y'all know we've been out of town for a while. We just got home yesterday from Oregon. All in all, it was a very successful trip. Tom worked his way through his 3rd Olympic Trials to make his 3rd Olympic team. (Never been done by a decathlete!) We got to see almost all of Tom's family, saw great fireworks, and some some of the best track in the world!

This is a picture of Kinley, Abby, James and Isabelle (Tom's cousins kids) in front of a children's science museum. We were expecting a little more, but it was still fun.

The day after Tom competed we went down to his aunt and uncle's house for a family get-together. We figured this was the best way to get to see everyone and not cause too much chaos in public. This ended up working great! We got to see everyone, swim, chat, eat, and of course play cards.

This is a view from the edge of the pool. In this picture you can see 16 kids and more "big kids". You can tell we had a blast!

On the 4th of July we went down to Tom's family's again. In the morning Tom and the guys played golf and Bonnie, Laura, her kids and Kinley and me went to a little safari. We then went down to Tom's mom's house for dinner and then to Tom's old high school to watch the fireworkds. This was great. We took a blanket and hung out for a while on the football field watching people, listening to a local singing group, and enjoying the summer evening.

This is our 4th of July family picture. (Like Tom's beads?)

While at the safari we got to see all kinds of animals from the car. I was really impressed. I actually think I was more excited than any of the kids. We also got to ride an elephant and feed some goats.

I couldn't pass up sharing with everyone Tom's new style.

The story behind these capris is great. Tom put on his thin pants the morning of the 2nd day and wanted me to tape them up because they were too short. We couldn't get anything to work, so Jackie finally took them to the front dest and cut them off above the zipper. The best part is that Tom really liked them. He was saying how cool and comfortable they were. Who knew Tom was so fashionable!

Kinley on the warm-up track the morning of day 2.

Well, that's the short version. So much happend that I can't even remember it all. Basically, Tom had a good score, a PR in shot, made the team, and most importantly stayed healthy. Off to China!


Anonymous said...

So great to see the new pics. I hope that things are going well after all of your traveling. It was great to see all of you in Oregon and look forward to seeing you again shortly in China. Talk to you soon.

Nannie said...

That's wonderful! Congrats. I can't wait to watch Tom in China. It will mean so much more to have my students follow a "real" person instead of just any athlete. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope that Tom stays well. Go USA!

Anonymous said...

Hey Coach TOM! ;)
I was checking the results even during a game of the German soccer Team in the European Championships !!!
Congrats to Longjump and Shot and staying healthy! I knew you can do it, and now you can show off everything at Bejing don't hold back there ;)

I am really happy you made it, afterall you deserve it, just remember the tempo workout and the weak stomach :D

So have fun at Bejing , don't eat local food there , and kick some ass ;) ;)

I'll be awaiting all of you three when you are coming back to Manhattan!!!
Good luck and a nice summer


Tom, Kim, and Kinley said...


I'll try and stay away from the food. Your missing out on the 100 degree + weather now. Hope all is well in Germany, and your health is good.


CDB said...

Hello, and congrat's on the Trials, Tom. I was there watching/cheering for you in the "free" area. Way to push through in the 1500.

Great pic of the extended family up at the house/pool. Wow, you guys all have a bunch of little ones. Reminds me of when we were all little too. Big family, you Pappas kids have.

Take care, and best of luck in Beijing. I'm glad you were able to make the team and I hope you are given the chance to compete injury free to the best of your ability. I'll be watching the TV and sending good vibes.