Monday, July 30, 2007

The Split Weekend

This was a momentous weekend for us. It was the first time Kinley and I were apart from each other. It was scary to think we have never spent a day apart in almost a year and a half, but it was definitely time to get away. My parents came up to Kansas on Thursday. We hung out, got packed up, and on Friday Tom and I left for California. Now, this is where we begin the two drastically different weekends.

Tom and I had a great time! As soon as we got into town, Billy and Sarah picked us up and drove us to Pasadena. We met Nick Cline and Beth at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Delicious! After a little walking around, we headed back to the hotel and ran into the Jensen crew. We decided it would be a good idea to check out the pool and hot tub. Of course being the competitive people that we are...there were a couple rounds of chicken fighting, throwing kids, and a little bit of relaxing. We both passes out once we hit the sheets, and unfortunately, I didn't sleep all that well. I don't know if I was worrying about Kinley or it was just one of those nights.
Saturday morning we were supposed to meet at 8:30 to go to the beach. I actually got up a little early to run (I struggled) and we went to breakfast and then spent the next 45 minutes trying to get everyone together. After much searching and dragging Nick Cline out of bed, we were off. Apparently late night burrito runs take a lot out of you, although Beth was a trooper. We finally made it onto the Jensen's RV and headed for the beach.

You may think this looks cramped, but this was just 5 of the 17 people in the RV. So, like I said, we made it to Manhattan Beach. It was great! The sand was amazing, the temperature was perfect, the water was blue, and there was great people watching!

We actually had great time management and made it back to the hotel with 3 hours to get ready before we had to catch the shuttle to the wedding.

This is Tom and I all spiffed up before the wedding at our hotel. It was so different seeing the family all dressed up. Although I have to say we are a good-looking bunch.

The wedding was beautiful and great fun! Nick and Lotsie both looked great! We had a wonderful time being with adults and not having to worry about Kinley.

It really was a nice break for us. We headed home Sunday morning after breakfast and a few good-byes.

So...This is what Kinley was doing while we were away.

Here I am with Papa. We are working on bonding. Going good so far.
So then Grami and Papa decided to take me to Target. This was great! Look at all the cool stuff they got me. I know there's lots of stuff my mom would never get me, but that's okay, she didn't!

Here I am in my new shoes, but I don't think I can wear them with everything, I'll have to check with the fashion police. Also, see my new stroller for my baby. I tried to catch a ride in it, but I was a little bit too big, but I can push it real good.

Grami and Papa also took me to the Oz Museum. It was pretty cool. I think there's a movie or something about this, but I'm not sure. There was a pretty lady with a puppy, (I got my picture with him), a beautiful lady with a crown and pink dress, a tin man, and scarecrow that can talk, a lion that is scared of everything, and bad lady with striped legs and a green face. I had a good time, and I think Grami and Papa did too.

We were going to go to the zoo in town, but it rained the day we were going to do that, and then Mom and Dad came home. I sure did miss them, but I had so much fun with Grami and Papa. We played so much! They even let me swing as long as I wanted and I got to eat ice cream too!
Well, that about wrapped up my weekend. I guess Mom and Dad had a good time; they came home smiling!


CDB said...

Wow, you Pappas and Cline kids have aged well. Drop me a note sometime and let's catch up! Hello to Nick/Beth/Sunday/Tommy! - Chris Brandt

CDB said...

Oh, and Billy too. Sorry, missed that one. :) Get me in touch with Paul! It's been too long, old friends.