Thursday, August 2, 2007

Kinley's Talents

After Tom was finished icing and doing some treatment, he went over to the wall. Almost as soon as he got in position, Kinley came to do the same. Such a mimic!

Last night Kinley started bouncing in her seat. I quickly grabbed the camera, and tried not to laugh too loud. she started off with the bouncing in her seat, then we asked her to jump. This is really new for her. She tries to jump, and only occasionally does she get the credit card vertical. Along the same lines, she then started dancing for us (okay, mostly just turning in circles). She is trying so many new things every day. We love to see her trying and especially succeeding. See for yourself how talented she is...enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Very cute.

Imagine that, Tom is playing online poker in the background. :)