Thursday, July 26, 2007


We all went up to Antigo, Wisconsin for a few days. There is a great doctor there that is a chiropractor and uses laser therapy. Tom has known Dr. Draeger for a few years now, and thought it was time for some more treatment. We had a great time! Tom and I both ended up getting some treatment, you know how it is once you turn 30...everything falls apart. Anyway, while all this was going on, Dr. Draeger's daughter, Danae, was watching Kinley.

They were fast friends! This made it much easier on all of us, and gave her something to do. Besides all the treatment, we played, had great meals, saw the workings of a scratch bakery, and rode 4 wheelers for a little bit. Kinley tried riding with Tom, but she didn't like it so much. She had more fun in the little play car in the garage. Actually, she held the door closed and threw a little fit when we told her it was time to go. All in all, we had a great time. The Draeger family is so kind and generous and selfless, and we thank them for all the treatment, babysitting, meals, and all-around good time!

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