Sunday, June 10, 2007

Like Father, Like Daughter

For the past few weeks Tom has been battling plantar fasciitis (no idea if I spelled this right - most likely not). This is inflammation to the sheath on the bottom of the foot. It is very painful and very hard to get rid of. Tom has been applying medicine to the bottom of his foot and using an ice cup on it. He gets out a towel, gets the medicine and ice cup, and sits on the couch for treatment. A little bit ago, we looked up and this is what we saw...

Kinley had pulled this blue hand towel off the couch by Tom, got his ice cup from the end table, and sat down to ice her foot. I don't really know if its been bothering her (her training has been pretty tough lately) or she just thinks this is a fun thing to do. Either way, Tom and I cracked up! I actually had tears in my eyes from laughing. Its true - kids are great entertainment!

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Malinda Wood said...

Woody can probably fit her in for some rehab the next time you're in town! He wondered if being injured runs in the family. Tell Tom that I had plantar fasciitis after my 3rd kid. Maybe that's what's happened to him!