Sunday, June 10, 2007

Janvrin House of Fun

This weekend we got to spend a few days at the Janvrin house. It is such a beautiful place to be! Kinley had such a great time (Tom and I did, too). She got to play outside a lot. They have a sand box, swings, a pond, a baseball field, a kitty cat, a little slide, and lots of toys. It's always fun to play with someone else's toys especially in a new place. I guess the funniest thing this weekend was watching Kinley swing by herself.

She wouldn't hold herself upright sitting on the swing, so we laid her across the swing. Strangely, this worked for her. She just hung there while we pushed her back and forth. When she was done, she stood up and walked away. But, like most little girls, she really liked riding with her daddy.

They have one of those Little Tykes small slides. The first day there we tried to show her how to use it, but she kept stepping through the ladder and sitting on the bottom. By the time we left, she was trying to stand up on top and run down the slide. Like all kids...she also tried to run UP the slide.

This is my favorite picture right now.

Besides all this fun, we got to see Jaxon and Mason play baseball, and Tom and Kip spent many an hour on the track and golf course. It was so much fun to get away and do something different.

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