Friday, May 25, 2007

Our Apartment

When we first moved into this apartment I said I would post pictures later, so now that time has come. I guess I was waiting for some furniture and accessories, but now I realize this is as good as its going to get.

First is a picture of our living room. I took this picture from the hallway. Directly to my left is the kitchen with a bar into the living room. At the far left of the picture on the same wall as the TV is where our front door is.

This next one is of Kinley's "room". Its actually the dining area located directly behind the couch in the above picture. Kinley is so kindly showing you her big-girl bed and chair (that she gets in trouble for standing in).

Last is our bedroom in this big place. And yes, this is it a bed and some curtains for the bright morning sun. We do have a large closet, but you obviously can't see it. We also have a bathroom, of course, but I didn't think y'all needed to see it. It looks pretty much like a normal bathroom.

That's it for now. Tom is just training this weekend, so I'll let you know anything when I do.

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