Monday, June 18, 2007

Big Weekend

Well, after all this waiting and training...the US Championships are here! We leave for Indianapolis on Tuesday. Tom competes Friday and Saturday. We just ask that you think of Tom and pray for his health and his ability. I know if he goes through each event confidently and healthy he will do great! I'll try to keep everyone updated, but we'll see what happens. There will be some TV coverage, but we all know that means one clip of the winner. There should be live results on or if you want to follow along. Thanks for all of the support so far and the prayers to come.

Oh, I almost forgot Kinley has been cracking us up lately. She is just so funny. She'll dance to commercials on TV (only the ones with great music), she grabs whatever is near when we leave the apartment, and a lot of the time I have to tell her to leave it (like her booster chair she eats in), and she is such a little mimic right now! We have both been loving this stage right now. She tries to talk more and more everyday and is working on growing more hair. Of course we still think she is the greatest!


Kelly, Tyler and Ryan said...

Kim - please wish Tom the very best of luck for us. We will be thinking of him and rooting him on from afar. By the way...LOVE the picture of Kinley. What a girly girl!
Love ya!
Kelly, Tyler and Ryan

Gramma Jane said...

Good luck,Tom! Kim,we enjoy your blog, as it keeps us up to date on your family doings. Thanks.