Wednesday, June 27, 2007

5th National Title

Congratulations to Tom! This past weekend at the US Championships Tom battled his way past a couple injuries to win his 5th national title. Indianapolis had some crazy weather. We were at the meet on Thursday for a couple hours and it was hot with a light breeze, but on Friday and Saturday it was mostly overcast with light showers. It was actually great weather for spectators, especially since we had rain ponchos, but for the athletes, it created a whole different set of problems. Luckily, Tom stayed with the plan he and his coach talked about and made it through the meet, and on top for bonus! Kinley and I are so proud of him. He is so mentally tough. Whatever is thrown at him, he works through it, and has great results.

From here, he is getting some treatment on a couple things and starting back into training for the World Championships in Osaka, Japan. Tom will leave the States on August 14th and compete August 31st and September 1st. Best of luck for him and we'll keep you updated on everything else.

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Dan R said...

Congratulations! I'll start making my reservations for Sacramento and I'll even try to get a press pass so I can take some decent photo's....give little Kimmi-Face a hug...I hope to see you either Thanksgiving or Christmas... Uncle Dan