Friday, May 4, 2007

Big Girl

Just wanted to give y'all a glimpse of the person Kinley is becoming. Lately she has started to show her opinion on what she wants to wear and the toys she wants to bring when we go out. Sometimes she wants to carry a purse, or a baby or a blanket, and sometimes she "needs" all three. As for her clothes, she doesn't mind too much what I pick out for her, but she often likes to get her own shoes. Luckily they usually match, but I still find it funny that she has an opinion on that. This morning we went to the store and I had already dresses Kinley, but apparently not with the right shoes. She chose a pair of sandals when she was wearing tennis shoes. This wasn't too big a deal. She just needed an extra explanation. In order to get out of the house without a brush in hand, she wanted to wear a head band. I don't really like little fu-fu stuff on babies without hair, but this is one of my headbands, but it fits Kinley well.
Anyway, when we got home to play, she added a few more accessories. This is Kinley at lunch with the headband around her neck, the bunny ears are a little bent, and the plastic bracelet just fell off.

Oh, boy...I can't wait until she gets older :)

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