Saturday, May 5, 2007

Nebraska Invtational

Today Tom competed at the University of Nebraska. He threw javelin, discus and shot put. We really lucked out with the weather. All yesterday, last night, and tonight Lincoln had severe thunderstorms and the threat of tornadoes, but during the meet the weather was great. A bit windy, ok really windy, but great. Tom threw javelin first. He hasn't thrown full since last year's US Championships and that was only 1 throw, so to throw 6 was good. Let me preface this again by saying how windy it was...His first couple throws were not good, but after he jogged into a short approach, he threw 58.96. Not too shabby.

Next was discus. He was actually throwing really well, but the wind was horrible for a lefty. He said it felt like the best he has ever thrown, but there was no help from Mother Nature. He ended up with a best of 48.52. This probably would have been a PR on any other day, but overall this was a good event today.
(No picture here, Kinley was sleeping on me during this even, sorry)
Last was shot put. To put it mildly, this started off horribly! I was dreading the ride home. Almost 3 hours with a very pissed off Tom, not fun. But...Tom really stepped up and pulled himself out. He got composed, talked with Cliff, ok, probably talked to Cliff first, and threw like a champ. He increased to 16.01. Not too far off his PR.

All in all today was good. Things are falling into place in the throws. Tom feels more relaxed in the discus circle, he gets excited to throw shot put, and he knows javelin is just a starting point right now. Hopefully things will continue this way. Just keep praying for him and I'll try to keep you updated.

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