Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Kinley

I can't believe Kinley is 3 today! The time has really just flown by. Kinley and I talked quite a bit about her birthday and what kind of cake she wanted. For a while she was telling me she wanted a donut cake. I was pretty excited, since I really like cake donuts, but at the store she decided she had to have a pink cake. We already picked out a couple little ponies to put on top, so that was easy. Funny thing, when we got up this morning I sang to her (no she didn't cry) and then asked her what she wanted for her birthday breakfast...cereal, pancakes, yogurt or a breakfast bar. This was apparently the wrong question. She just started crying and said, "I want birthday cake for breakfast." Too funny, Kinley was all about it being her day and getting her way.

Anyway, the birthday ended up great! It was warm enough to grill burgers and brats and then follow it all up with CAKE!

Here is the pink cupcake cake with a big pony, a baby pony and 3 candles.

Kinley blowing out her candles

Opening her puppy and purse - thanks Andy & Agne

Playing with the baby pony and Big Baby in her new car seat

Even Tom liked the new puppy that moved and yapped

Papaw - notice the balloons!
Kinley had a great time eating, opening her presents, and playing with her friends. I'm sure it will all happen again too soon.

Here is a picture of Kinley a day or so after she was born, on her first birthday, her second birthday, and one from today. Wow how she has changed and grown up!





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