Monday, February 9, 2009

Antigo, Wisconsin

So we took a quick trip, okay it was a 12 hour drive each way, up to Wisconsin to see Dr. Draeger and his family. He is an awesome chiropractor who loves to help people, especially athletes. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Kinley and I got a couple workouts in. Here we are up in the gym before we hit the pool.
Here we are swimming in February in Wisconsin!

The actual reason we went up was for Tom to get some work done. He always feel so much better after one of Doc's treatments.

So, Doc's parents own this amazing bakery in Antigo! Let me explain why this is so exciting for me...the bread is awesome & good for you. They make their bread with flax seed so you get even more good stuff than from a piece of fish. And, its soooo good. We got there just in time to have a fresh doughnut, and Kinley got some yummy cookies.

Kinley had a good time feeding Zeke. She might have made him gain a few pounds, but she had a good time & Zeke didn't seem to mind either.

We went sledding! Kinley and I went down a bigger slope together, and then she decided she was big enough to go by herself. We also really liked being taken back up the hill on the snowmobile. Tom and Chris were of course more daring and had to compete to see who could go the farthest on each sled - that is the ones they didn't break. The amazing thing is that no one got hurt!
Kinley found a pony just her size.
Danae and Kinley painted toes and we were not allowed to interrupt them. Kinley wanted to do big girl stuff all by herself - big surprise!
Oh, and Tom had this small steak at a neat little place in the middle of nowhere.

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That is one heck of a steak!!!