Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas From Texas

Merry Christmas! Just thought I'd share some Christmas fun from Texas.
December 23
For quite a while Kinley has been begging me to go skating. I'm not exactly sure where the idea came from, but we decided to give it a try with my sister and her kidos.
Here are Holly, Leah, Kinley and Tom before we hit the ice. Of course by the time we got all laced up, it was time for a break to clean the ice.
This is Lori, Leah, me and Kinley on our first lap. Kinley was great walking on the skates on dry land, but the ice was another story. She tried really hard holding onto the rail, holding hands and me holding her, but one lap was enough. Luckily, Tom also was in need of a break, so they sat on the side and helped with everyone else.
Traditionally, after Thanksgiving we go up to BLORA to see a great light display, but this year we got to do it closer to Christmas. We were afraid of lines, but we must have timed it great. The only line was leaving through the light tunnel. We really love seeing all the displays - especially me.
The cool light tunnel you drive through when you leave.

December 25

Look what Santa brought Kinley!

The first shot of her face when she looked into the living room. This one cracks me up. She's not sure what to think.

Tom and Kinley opening up their stockings.

This is probably the best reaction she had all day!

So, outside we went to play with all the new stuff! Kinley got all her protection on to ride her bike. Let me tell you, she's not such a good driver. She doesn't understand yet how to steer, and she was getting really frustrated trying to pedal. Oh, I haven't mentioned she woke up with a terrible fever around 2am and was feverish all day - this did not help all the chaos.

After some old fashioned bike riding, she decided to drive the bee car. Did I mention she's not such a good driver?

Ryan got this cool 4-wheeler and was giving his cousins rides, and I want to say again this was probably Kinley's fault. Luckily Tom the traffic cop was right on the scene.

I guess Kinley got her license revoked because she caught a ride with Ryan back to the driveway.

For the last Christmas celebration of the day, we went out to my aunt's house for my dad's side of the family. We had a magnificent dinner! After we opened our gifts, Tom couldn't resist my silky-soft hat and scarf.
We had a great Christmas and just want to say thanks to everyone for such a special day!

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