Friday, September 12, 2008

Kinley at 2 1/2

I know its been a while, but its been pretty crazy. Kinley is officially 2 and a half. So, here are some things Kinley has been doing lately.

1. Kinley is potty trained! She still wears diapers at night, but the rest of the time she is great. Of course we have to do the tt potty dance and say how proud of her we are, but we don't mind. We are super proud of her!

2. Kinley dances all the time. She likes to put on tulle skirts and fancy shoes and dance around and around. She sings too. This is not one of her better talents - no surprise, I am her mom.

3. Kinley is counting all the way to 19. The only funny thing here is 15. Kinely says five teen. Makes sense, all the other numbers work that way. I think she stops at 19 because she doesn't know 20.

4. Kinley is still tall. We have just started to wear some pants. I pulled out some 3T I got on sale, and some of them look like she can't grow any more or they will be too short. None of them are too long - that's for sure.

Well, thats all I can think of for now. Really, we are so blessed with such an amazing little girl. She is everything we could have ever wanted - and more. Hopefully the next 2 1/2 years are just as fun as these have been. Kinley will be so excited because then she will be able to have gum - one thing she looks forward to.

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