Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coming Home

Finally we were heading home! Again we met downstairs at 8:00am. Our trip to the airport was pretty short since the traffic on a Sunday morning isn't so bad. We got checked in, played a little and watched some more Olympics on the TV's around the gate. Our flight to Seoul was only 1.5 hours, so this went really quick. We had 3 hours in Seoul. Good thing too. We had to change terminals, get our boarding passes at a transfer desk and give Kinley plenty of time to play in the little playroom. The cutest thing was the "kid-size" potty, urinal and sink in the bathroom. If I was super-rich I would definitely get one of these for my house (if I lived in one now).

Our flight to Atlanta was great! We each had our own TV with on-demand movies, TV shows and games. Kinley stayed awake to watch a little of Kung Fu Panda and eat a little chicken, then she slept for about 8 hours. Once she fell asleep we put her on the ground under our feet and she was all cuddly warm.

Once in Atlanta we said bye to Christy and went to our gate. Unfortunately our flight was delayed because of the weather in Atlanta, but there was an NFL preseason game on. This made my day! We got some good American food, watched football and Kinley danced around - not much could be better.

So, after 28 hours of traveling, we made it back to our apartment. Sure does feel great to be in our own beds and our own place. We had a great time (minus the meet) and can't wait for the next adventure!

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