Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 1 - August 19th Morning

The rest of Tom's family made it in this morning. We woke up pretty early and went down for breakfast with everyone. From there we went to a little grocery store to get the necessities - water and diet Coke. I asked the people at the front desk if there was anything around here to do. They sent us about a mile and a half down the road to a park. Let me tell you - what a pleasant surprise!

This was right when we walked into Longtan Park. Its a interesting take on the Olympic rings.

There was a group of 3 pigs we were trying to get in a picture with Kinley. Apparently she's really magnetic over here. Everyone looks at her and gets their kids to wave and even some want a picture with her. She's not so sure about these other kids being around her.

In this lake/pond thing we saw these big bubbles and were talking about how much fun that would be. Nick and Billy decided to entertain us (and many Chinese) while they were trying to stand up and walk around.

This was probably the coolest thing I've seen so far. This cute kid had the logo in his hair cut!

There was lots more. Beautiful buildings, a guy that was writing with water on the sidewalk, colorful dragons, and so many other things I can't even describe. So far its been great. Its really not too polluted. The pictures look hazy we think from the sun. It was pretty clear in person. We're off to a city tour of the Forbidden City!


Anonymous said...

HOW FUN!!! Kinley looks to the Chinese like Ian does to the Mexicans. We totally know how that feels being the odd man in the group getting all of the looks. I guess that the price she has to pay to be beautiful.


Sandra O'Hare said...

Really enjoying your time in China. Good luck to Tom, we'll be watching.

Jim, Sandra, and Ryan O'Hare