Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August 19 - Afternoon

After everyone but Kinley was rested, we got a private tour bus to the Forbidden City and Tianamen Square. We started at the back of the Forbidden City. There was a nice little garden area that had huge porous rocks. These were very important for a reason I can't remember. We saw where concubines and empresses stayed, where the Emperor dressed and slept and met with the officials. It really is a huge area. I can see why its considered a city.

This is the back gate of the Forbidden City.

Along most of the larger pathways there were "tiles" lining the each side. Each of these was made from hundreds of other little rocks. It was amazing to see so much work done for a single pathway.

Here are some of those rocks.

This is the group in front of the Hall of Supreme Harmony. See all the little guys of the corners of the building. This one has the most because its the most important building in the City.

Really there isn't much in Tiananmen Square. Because its Olympic time, there were some neat sculptures made of flowers. Kinley and I found this one in the middle of a big open area. I took this one of her, and then she took one of me - you can only see my foot through her fingers.

Both the Forbidden city and Tiananmen Square were so interesting. So many things relate to the perceived power by an Emperor or Chairman. I'm really glad to be living where I do, but the history of China fascinates me because of how long they have been ruling.

Tom met up with us at our hotel and we ventured out in 4 taxis to TGI Friday's for dinner. Kinley barely ate her last bite before she passed out in my lap and was out for the count.

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